One Science 100% Premium Whey Protein, 2.27 kg (5 lb), Chocolate Charge

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One Science Nutrition creates Premium Whey Protein of proteins that can aid in muscle recovery, rebuilding, and toning. One Science Whey Protein is a must-have supplement for regular fitness enthusiasts because it helps them build muscle. Unlike many other proteins, One Science protein is made from Grass-Fed Whey, which gives it a distinct advantage in terms of benefits. One Science Whey has several other advantages also!

Advantages of One Science Nutrition Whey Protein

One Science Whey 2.2 lbs is made from Grass-Fed Whey and is appropriate for all body types. It contains 25g of protein, 6.6g of BCAA per serving, and 5.2 g of L-glutamine per serving. That is a significant amount, and it provides the consumer with a pre-workout boost.

There is also an added amount of Whey Protein Isolate in One Science Whey protein, which provides the consumer with the necessary boost before beginning their workout. It aids the consumer in refueling and repairing their body’s muscles. Besides the benefits One Science Whey protein price is pocket-friendly too.

How Should You Take it?

One serving of One Science Whey protein should be mixed with 150 ml of milk or water. After a workout is the best time to consume it. It also comes in the following flavours: Chocolate Charge,  Neapolitan Ice Cream, Banana Split, Strawberry White Chocolate, Blueberry Muffin and Vanilla Very Berry. You can also incorporate One Science Whey into your diet through oats, smoothies, pancake mixtures, and so on.

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