Fast&Up Vitalize – Multivitamins with Natural Beetroot Extract (Tube of 20 Tabs)


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21 Multivitamins with Added Nitrate Rich Beetroot Extract for all-day energy. In water, multivitamin tablets have higher nutrient bioavailability, has no added sugar which helps in faster absorption, and no GI Distress. It also helps promote overall general health, blood circulation, and stamina. Fast&Up Vitalize:
  • Is an Advanced Daily Multivitamin that meets recommended dietary allowance for most nutrients
  • Has 12 Vitamins + 9 Minerals + Natural Nitrate Rich Beetroot Extract
  • Complements and bridges nutritional gaps and is ideal for a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Is easy to use and portable.

How To Use:

Drop one tablet in 250 ml of water, Wait till it dissolves completely, and Drink.

When To Use:

it can be consumed with any of the meals, preferably post breakfast for optimum absorption.

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20 Tabs


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